Date Title Authors Link
12/12/2018 Technologies to Reactors: Enabling Accelerated Deployment of Nuclear Energy Systems Accelerated Development and Qualification of Materials and Fuels: J. Busby (Oak Ridge National Laboratory [ORNL]) and M. Hackett (Kairos) Advanced Manufacturing Technologies to Enable New Designs: L. Love (ORNL) and S. Babu (University of Tennessee, Knoxville [UTK]) Sensors and Control Systems for Autonomous Operations: K. Tobin (ORNL) and R. Cao (The Ohio State University [OSU]) High Fidelity Modeling and Simulation and Data Analytics for Design, Manufacturing, Licensing and Operations: D. Pointer (ORNL) and A. Wharton (Studsvik) Crosscutting Technology Integration: L. Qualls and B. Betzler (ORNL
09/20/2019 Embedment of Sensors in Ceramic Structures Christian M. Petrie Donovan N. Leonard Ying Yang Michael P. Trammel Brian C. Jolly Kurt A. Terrani
05/01/2019 Features that further Performance Limits of Nuclear Fuel Fabrication: Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing of Nuclear Fuels A. T. Nelson
05/31/2019 Considerations for Application of Additive Manufacturing to Nuclear Reactor Core Components Joseph Simpson James Haley Corson Cramer Olivia Shafer Amy Elliott William Peter Lonnie Love Ryan Dehoff
09/20/2019 Handbook of Advanced Manufactured Material Properties from TCR Structure Builds at ORNL—FY 2019 K. G. Field J. Simpson M. N. Gussev H. Wang M. Li X. Zhang X. Chen T. Koyanagi K. Kane A. Marquez Rossy M. Balooch K. A. Terrani
08/01/2019 Key Material Properties for Thermo-Structural Analysis of Transformational Challenge Reactor Core Components D. Schappel K. A. Terrani
05/31/2019 Transformational Challenge Reactor Autonomous Control System Framework and Key Enabling Technologies Sacit M. Cetiner Pradeep Ramuhalli
06/01/2019 Production and Characterization Package of Reference and Advanced Feedstock Alicia M. Raftery
03/05/2019 Nuclear—Follow your senses Jason Ellis
02/04/2020 Transformational Challenge Reactor Fact Sheet Kurt Terrani
03/10/2020 Modeling reactivity insertion experiments of TRISO particles in NSRR using BISON D.Schappel, N.R.Brownb, K.A.Terrani
10/30/2019 3D printing of high‐purity silicon carbide Kurt Terrani, Brian Jolly, Michael Trammell
04/01/2020 Uranium nitride tristructural-isotropic fuel particle Kurt A.Terrani, Brian C.Jolly, Jason M.Harp
06/08/2020 Thermal Neutron Scattering Measurements of YHx for the Transformational Challenge Reactor Chris W. Chapman, Xunxiang Hu, Jesse Brown, Goran Arbanas, Alexander I. Kolesnikov, Yongqiang Cheng, and Luke Daemen
06/08/2020 Testing and Evaluation of Additively Manufactured TCR Core Materials T.S. Byun, M.N. Gussev, B.E. Garrison, J. Simpson, M. Li, X. Zhang, K.A. Terrani
06/08/2020 Power Level Downselection for the Transformational Challenge Reactor B. R. Betzler, B. J. Ade, A. J. Wysocki, P. K. Jain, M. S. Greenwood, J. D. Rader, J. J. W. Heineman, R. F. Kile, N. R. Brown, and K. A. Terrani
06/08/2020 Design Downselection for the Transformational Challenge Reactor B. R. Betzler, B. J. Ade, A. J. Wysocki, P. C. Chesser, M. S. Greenwood, P. L. Wang, N. D. See, X. Hu, and K. A. Terrani
06/08/2020 Informing Transient Testing of Fuel Designs for the Transformational Challenge Reactor Robert Kile, Daniel Schappel, Aaron J. Wysocki, Gokul Vasudevamurthy, Kurt A. Terrani, Nicholas R. Brown
06/08/2020 In-situ High-energy X-ray Study of Deformation Mechanisms in Additively Manufactured 316 Stainless Steel Xuan Zhang, Meimei Li, Jun-Sang Park, Peter Kenesei*, Jonathan Almer
06/08/2020 In situ mechanical testing of AM 316L steel –TCR core material M.N. Gussev, T.S. Byun, T. Lach, R.R. Dehoff, K.A. Terrani
06/08/2020 HFIR Irradiation Testing Supporting the Transformational Challenge Reactor A.G. Le Coq, K.D. Linton, P. Champlin, R. H. Howard, X. Hu, T.S. Byun, K.A. Terrani
06/08/2020 Fabrication and Characterization Methodology of Transformational Challenge Reactor Fuel Form Gokul Vasudevamurthy, Michael Trammell, Dylan Richardson, Brian Jolly, Andrew Nelson, Grant Helmreich, Austin Schumacher, Trevor Smuin, Kurt Terrani
06/08/2020 Evaluation of Heat Treatments for Additively Manufactured 316L J. Simpson, L. Donovan, R. Dehoff, T.S. Byun, C. Joslin
06/08/2020 Development of Yttrium Hydride Moderator for the Transformational Challenge Reactor Xunxiang Hu, Chinthaka Silva, and Kurt A. Terrani
06/08/2020 Creep Resistance of Additively Manufactured 316 Stainless Steel Meimei Li, Xuan Zhang, Wei-Ying Chen, Florent Heidet, T. S. Byun, K.A. Terrani
06/08/2020 Cooling Channel Optimization in Additively Manufactured Gas Cooled Reactor Core Justin Weinmeister, Prashant Jain
06/08/2020 Control Element Design for the Transformational Challenge Reactor (TCR) J.R. Burns, B.R Betzler, B. Ade, F. Heidet, A. Bergeron
05/29/2020 Mechanical and Thermophysical Properties of 3D-Printed SiC – FY 2020 T. S. Byun, B. E. Garrison, H. Wang A. Trofimov, T. G. Lach, C. M. Parish, M. D. Richardson, B. C. Jolly, M. Trammell, A. Schumacher, G. Vasudevamurthy, T. Koyanagi, K.A. Terrani
06/30/2020 Mechanical Properties and Deformation Behavior of Additively Manufactured 316L Stainless Steel T. S. Byun, M. N. Gussev, T. G. Lach, M. Li, X. Zhang, M. R. McAlister, J. J. Simpson, B. E. Garrison, Y. Yamamoto, C. B. Joslin, J. K. Carver, F. A. List, R. R. Dehoff, K.A. Terrani